Monday, May 28, 2012


My little brother, AJ, is pretty much the greatest thing to have happened to this world since sliced bread...or at least that is what he would have you think :) He is determined that no one else on this planet can possibly contain the same level of awesomeness as he has. He is epic and he makes sure everyone and their dog knows it...Today I got to spend a plethora of time with him and trust me, that means there was never a dull moment in my day. Here are the highlights!

-We were sitting in the game room. I was doing some Les Miserables paperwork and he was playing Battlefield. I, of course, got sidetracked by pinterest. I saw these things called fiction-bucket lists. The one I saw made me giggle so of course I decided to discover more. As I read them AJ chuckled here and there. I then read the following:

AJ replied, "I have already done that", with complete seriousness. He then continued to claim that he had done everything that followed including:

So I guess I didn't know that my brother was so amazing, but this was just one thing that told me that his epicness must not all be in his head ;)

-My brother also has this complete addiction to Mountain Dew. I do not think that it is healthy for anyone, but whatever. We tease him constantly about how he needs to attend DDA (Dew drinkers anonymous). He insists he doesn't have a problem...but hey isn't that what alcoholics do to? Anyway. He drank a large bottle of Mountain Dew this evening and then we played a games of Settlers of Cataan Cities and Knights, needless to say he was pretty hyper during the game, and proceeded to introduce us to his new favorite word. Hawkward. The funny thing was he was determined that he was so hilarious. He said, "It is the same word, but with an h on the front!" Annoyingly enough he then replied, "hawkward" to everything that was said. 

Now in my nerdy moment of the day I must make a confession. The first thing I could think of whenever he said hawkward was Hawkeye from the Avengers. I have been obsessed with that movie since I went and saw it a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, one of the best movies I have ever seen, despite the fact that the cheesy romance is non-existant. (That is usually the stuff I love!) I mean the movie had the perfect balance of funny and action. Witty writing, good acting, and intense battle sequences kept me on the edge of my seat both times that I saw it. Anyway, I decided that this picture is the representation of AJ's new word:

Hawkward :)

So anyway, I know that this post is not my usually touchy, feely stuff. But hey, what can I say. I love my brother. He really is witty, smart, and pretty much just plain awesome. But don't tell him I said that. So this post is dedicated to AJ, his new word, and the Avengers...a strange combination, but hey if you are going to write about one epic thing, you might as well make it even bigger and write about 3, right?

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